Sunday 25 February 2018

Doyle 'flying a red flag' claims Reck

Adrian Doyle, County Manager.
Adrian Doyle, County Manager.

INDEPENDENT councillor Padge Reck accused acting county manager Adrian Doyle of 'flying a red flag' when he clarified details about medical card eligibility at the Borough Council meeting.

The charge came during a discussion about Government cutbacks in the recent Budget.

In response to a claim by Cllr Anthony Kelly (Sinn Féin) and Cllr David Hynes (Independent) that changes in the medical card scheme would cause hardship to families, Cllr Philomena Roche (Fine Gael) said a couple over 70 living on €900 a week are still eligible to receive a medical card. There was disagreement between the two sides over whether this is correct.

The acting county manager then left the top table briefly and returned to consult with the Mayor George Lawlor (Labour), who informed the meeting that the point had been clarified and was correct.

'Why is the manager giving you information during the meeting,' Cllr Reck demanded of the mayor. 'It was for clarification,' responded Cllr Lawlor, accusing Cllr Reck of pettiness over the matter.

Cllr Reck asked him why he had sought clarification from the manager. 'You are chairing this meeting,' he told him.

Turning to Mr Doyle, the mayor then asked him: 'Did I ask you for information?' Mr Doyle said 'no' and that he simply checked the facts 'seeing as you couldn't agree on it'.

'There is a red flag up there now. We know where we stand,' said Cllr Reck.

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