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Doggy Wash Day was up to scratch

FOUR-LEGGED friends from all over Wexford turned out on the quayside on Saturday to take part in the Doggy Day Wash, a charity event in aid of The Irish Dogs for the Disabled. The event was launched the previous night at a charity dinner hosted in Spice Restaurant where live music and comedy kept those present entertained into the early hours of the morning.

On the day over 120 dogs were washed and John Burke who was on Dragon's Den earlier this year, was there to put his invention, the Grooming Kennel, through its paces. Groomers worked tirelessly from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. clipping, brushing, drying and beautifying the dogs. One Wexford man, Eoin Staunton, auctioned himself for a grooming on the Quay the night before at the charity dinner in an effort to raise even further funds for the charity, and there was no lack of female assistants to help to scrub Eoin down amongst his canine counterparts.

David Bradley, Managing Director of the Charity and a Wexford man himself was extremely impressed by how successful the event had been. ' The people of Wexford managed to raise over €7,000 for the charity throughout the weekend. Thank you to everyone who got in behind us,' he said.