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Distinguished sculptor Conor Fallon dies at 68

Distinguished sculptor Conor Fallon has died at the age of 68. The former secretary of the Royal Hibernian Academy was brought up in Wexford and he made a lasting mark on the county. His Singing Bird' is a landmark in Enniscorthy.

However, the artist was never happy with the way the steel structure was assembled and presented beside the new bridge in Enniscorthy. Indeed, he told this paper last year that he found the end result embarrassing, adding that he would prefer to have it pulled down.

Such intense and frank self-criticism was symptomatic of a man who set very high standards for himself. He was much sought after, completing commissions for clients such as St. Patrick's Hospital in Dublin, Irish Life, UCD, UCC and Independent Newspapers.

Born in 1939, Conor Fallon was son of well known poet Padraic Fallon who came with his family to live at Clonard in Wexford as a Customs and Excise official. The future sculptor attended St. Peter's College and concluded that, at the time, it was an appalling place. Peter's College was barbarous'.

He studied at Trinity College and later worked as an accountant for a period, only devoting himself seriously to sculpture when he moved to Cornwall. It was there that he met his wife artist Nancy-Wynne who predeceased him last year.

The couple settled in County Cork for a while before moving to Ballinaclash in County Wicklow. He maintained links with Wexford but insisted that he preferred to take a detour around Enniscorthy rather than come face to face with the Singing Bird' or Beak with the Leak' as it is generally known in the town.

He is survived by his children John and Bridget, his brothers Brian, Ivan and Padraic, and his grandchildren Fox, Tom and Ivo.