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Discarded syringes found in laneway just yards from primary school


One of the syringes found discarded in the laneway

One of the syringes found discarded in the laneway

One of the syringes found discarded in the laneway

Residents in Talbot Green are urging Wexford County Council to hurry through the installation of CCTV cameras after used syringes were discovered discarded on the ground there. Worryingly the discovery was made just yards from a local primary school, in the laneway beside St Michael's Hall.

According to the residents, this is not the first time this kind of discovery has been made and previously, children came across syringes in the laneway, which has become somewhat of a magnet for anti-social behaviour in the past.

Talbot Green residents are at their wits end and are calling for an increased garda presence in the area, at least until the CCTV cameras are installed.

'My daughter and her friends found one (a syringe) last Saturday,' one concerned resident said. 'I can't even let them out now. These scumbags are putting our kids lives in danger. Something has to be done.'

Cllr Tom Forde has been vocal on the case and says that he's been assured that cameras will be installed in the coming weeks.

'This is not the first time that something like this has been discovered,' he said.

'The laneway is right across from a school, so there's a fair amount of footfall and a lot of children use it on a regular basis.'

'Following an incident which saw a child threatened by an adult man in the laneway last year, I raised a motion to install cameras there. While these things move slowly, I'm told that an initial assessment has been carried out and installation is imminent.'

Cllr Forde says that drug use in the laneway is just one of a series of issues, which it is hoped will be solved by the installation of the cameras.

'There's always people hanging around there and there's been some problems with anti-social behaviour,' he said.

'Residents have expressed concerns that drug dealing is also going on there and there's also a problem with dumping and just last week a wheelie bin was set on fire.'

For the residents, they are hoping that the cameras will put a stop to some of these kind of activities and once again make the area safe for children to play in.

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