Friday 23 March 2018

'Depraved' man jailed for six years

Aidan Anthony Leacy, known as Tony, told the two girls that they were playing ‘special’ games in the basement of his home in Kerry.
Aidan Anthony Leacy, known as Tony, told the two girls that they were playing ‘special’ games in the basement of his home in Kerry.

A 'DEPRAVED' man targeted by vigilantes after he sexually assaulted two little girls due to make their First Holy Communion was jailed for six years last Friday.

Aidan Anthony Leacy (55) of Shielbaggan, Ramsgrange, showed adult pornographic magazines to the two seven year old girls before repeatedly exposing himself to them while playing 'special' games in the basement of his then Kerry home.

Judge Patrick Moran jailed Leacy at Cork Circuit Criminal Court after hearing the defendant had to move back to his native Wexford after his then Kerry home was twice the target of arson attacks by suspected vigilantes.

Judge Moran described the offences as 'very depraved' and 'deeply unpleasant'.

'I won't forget what these families have gone through. I consider your behaviour, while the actual indecent assault was not of the most serious type, at the same time the surrounding circumstances were of a very depraved nature,' he said.

'This was a very serious breach of trust.'

Gardaí confirmed two arson attacks had taken place on Leacy's property but said there was absolutely no involvement by the families or friends of the two victims.

Leacy pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the two girls in his basement on dates unknown between January 1 2007 and February 28 2008.

The address where the offence occurred and certain details of the case cannot be published to protect the identity of the two children involved.

Leacy – known as 'Tony' and who now lives at Sheilbaggan, Ramsgrange, New Ross – admitted the offences which occurred days before the youngsters were due to make their First Holy Communion.

On one occasion, he showed both seven year olds adult pornographic books in the basement.

When the little girls were confused about the content of the films, he offered a detailed explanation of sex acts to them.

Leacy also used to play 'special' games with the girls in the basement, one of which involved him dropping his pants and exposing himself to them.

He also encouraged the little girls to mimic his actions and remove their own underwear, exposing their private parts.

The only actual physical contact that took place between the defendant and both girls was when he lifted them over his shoulder and tapped them on their bare backsides.

On another occasion, he had his penis examined by the girls with a magnifying glass as part of one the games he played with them.

The offences came to light when one of the girls spotted her mother changing a baby's nappy.

The girl, indicating a gentle tap on the backside, told her mother: 'That is what Tony does to us'.

The parents became concerned and one girl then revealed further details.

Judge Moran was told that the incidents had a very serious impact on both little girls.

Both had to be comforted by their parents when it was explained to them that what had happened to them was wrong.

They also expressed fear and their parents had to reassure them that all the doors and windows of their homes were locked at night.

Leacy had to sell his Kerry property after the arson attacks and relocated back to his native Wexford. He is a native of Marshalstown.

He lost his job because of the court proceedings and Judge Moran was told the incident has had a devastating impact on him and his family.

He was jailed for six years and will be included on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely.

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