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D'Arcy to vote for Varadkar in leadership race

Deputy Michael D'Arcy, pictured right, very firmly nailed his colours to the mast in the Fine Gael leadership race, plumping for Minister for Social Protection Leo Varadkar.

'I'm going with Leo. I think he is the better of the two candidates. This is a New Ireland and I think Leo is the most attractive candidate for a new Ireland. I think he will bring more people to the party and do so in a capable, confident way.'

Deputy D'Arcy said that both men now have an arduous task ahead of them as they canvas all over the country for votes.

'There are three strands to the leadership race - the parliamentary party, the general membership and the councillors so there will effectively be three separate campaigns for the prize of the leader of the party and Taoiseach. They will be three very different campaigns. The parliamentary party has 73 members, the councillors have 280 and the general membership is 28,000.

'It will be difficult but I think Leo will win. It will be an invigorating and interesting campaign and an opportunity to revitalise and re-energise the party which is good in my view.'

Speaking about the resignation of Enda Kenny as leader, Deputy D'Arcy said that he had done the country a great service as Taoiseach.

'I think the feeling in the room last Wednesday was one of generosity. I'm glad he had the opportunity to step down himself and I'm glad that he took that opportunity.

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