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Cracking up over the state of town streets


 Bottom of Summerhill

Bottom of Summerhill

Bottom of Summerhill

WEXFORD councillors say they are seriously concerned about the state of the roads in the town.

Independent Cllr. Davy Hynes is to raise the issue of the state of Wexford town's roads at the next meeting of the borough council.

He cited as examples of poorly maintained roads, the main road through Bishopswater, the Glenville Road and at the bottom of Summerhill.

Rowe Street was also mentioned, but that stretch of road has since been repaired.

'None of these roads are being repaired properly. They are just being patched up and when the rain comes back, so too do the potholes,' he said.

'It has become more of a problem over the past few months.'

Cllr. Fergie Kehoe said that after weeks of storms and heavy rain, many town roads are in a very poor condition.

He said areas of most concern are in Ferrybank, School Street, and in the vicinity of Pettitts Supermarket.

'We were led to believe by the engineer that there was money to complete the section of road in Ferrybank, but that hasn't happened,' he said.

'I am calling on our ministers to get us much funding for Wexford as they can.

'Wexford town is the primary town in the county, yet it isn't getting a fair share,' said the Fianna Fail member.

He said the council road crews would love to repair the roads properly, but all they could do at the moment was to fill potholes.

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