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Nine months for man who jumped into woman's car


Judge's gavel.

Judge's gavel.

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Judge's gavel.

A man who jumped into a car on a Wexford street and demanded to be driven out of town by the terrified woman at the wheel was handed a nine month jail sentence.

Appearing before Wexford District Court was Cory Connors (21) of 1 George's Court in Waterford who admitted taking control of a blue Ford Focus on March 24, 2015.

The court heard from Detective Garda Matt Kelly how Bernie Kelly was driving her car at Carricklawn on the Newtown Road in Wexford on the date in question.

She was first in the line of traffic at a red light when the passenger door opened and Connors sat in beside her uninvited.

He demanded that she drive him away and she was very frightened by his attitude.

However, she had the presence of mind to pull in at Boggan's service station where she saw an ambulance.

She got out of her vehicle and ran over to the paramedics who called the gardaĆ­.

Connors was later arrested but only after he had attempted to stop another vehicle and committed the criminal damage offence which meant that he was already in jail.

No full explanation for his behaviour that evening was ever provided by the father of a young family.

In court, solicitor Nigel Allen reckoned that his client was in a state of panic after his own car had been impounded and he offered an apology to Ms Kelly.

Judge Gerard Haughton commended the good sense and bravery of the car owner in intimidating circumstances.

The offence demanded a jail sentence and a term of nine months was prescribed, to start at the conclusion of the existing eight months being served at the Midlands Prison.

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