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Man who shot a crow and terrified neighbour fined total of €900


Wexford Courthouse in Ardcavan.

Wexford Courthouse in Ardcavan.

Wexford Courthouse in Ardcavan.

Letting loose with his son's shotgun at a crow earned Seamus Sinnott (61), Sheastown, Wellingtonbridge a conviction for reckless discharge of a firearm.

The offence was committed by the semi-retired builder on June 12, 2013 at Barrystown in the grounds of the home of his son James Sinnott.

Wexford District Court heard evidence from James' then next door neighbours Declan Browne and Antoinette Fitzgerald.

Mr Browne told how he heard the firearm being discharged and felt he was being intimidated out of his own property.

He added that he moved out twelve months later.

Ms Fitzgerald said she also heard the gunshot and her response was to call into the neighbours.

She met the defendant, recalling that he was vicious and aggressive in his tone.

Her conversation came to a halt when James Sinnott intervened and promised he would deal with his father.

She told the son that she was very upset and angry.

'I was absolutely terrified,' she said during her evidence, saying that she feared injury or death. 'It had to stop.'

She told the court that her back door was about eight feet from the boundary fence between the two properties.

The incident occurred less than two weeks after pellets fired off by James Sinnott hit Declan Browne, while the latter was in his garden.

The following month, Garda John Buggy interviewed the father who confirmed that he was the one who fired the shot.

In court, Seamus Sinnott stated that he had 40 years of experience with guns.

He maintained that he shot up into the air from his son's back yard across a two acre field at a crow.

He reckoned this was 100 per cent safe.

However, the judge was not happy with the defendant's flippant attitude when he said 'there was no one up there flying with the crows'.

Convictions were recorded for possession of a gun for which he held no licence, as it belonged to his son - fine €400 - and for reckless discharge of the firearm - fine €500.

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