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Hatchet attack victim is placed on probation


Nicole Dwyer pictured in January 2014 when she was attacked with a hatchet.

Nicole Dwyer pictured in January 2014 when she was attacked with a hatchet.

Nicole Dwyer pictured in January 2014 when she was attacked with a hatchet.

Enniscorthy woman Nicole Dwyer (20) has been put on probation for six months after Judge Patrick Clyne heard details of her response when her home went on fire.

The defendant's current address was given in the paperwork as 15A Hospital Lane but she told the court that she now actually lives at 20A Duffry Gate in Enniscorthy.

She was in the courthouse at Ardcavan to deal with a charge preferred by Garda Antoinette Byrne of threatening/abusive behaviour, dating back to February 18 earlier this year.

Garda Sergeant Gary Rayner told how at around 4.40 p.m. on the afternoon in question, gardaí and the fire service were called to a fire in Templeshannon.

Ms Dwyer arrived at the scene, wanting to make her way into the burning building where she resided at the time. She had been drinking and became aggressive to gardaí at the scene, ignoring requests to leave. She kicked at the door of an adjacent house where two men were taking shelter from her before she was arrested.

Solicitor Dermot Davis pointed out that the incident in Templeshannon occurred the month after his client had been attacked with a hatchet.

She suffered what Mr Davis called horrific injuries to her jaw and she was on medication at the time.

Judge Patrick Clyne drew a parallel between the defendant's behaviour and that of a Hindu widow throwing herself on to her husband's funeral pyre.

He noted that she had problems with alcohol and wanted to be sure that someone he described as 'a nice looking girl' does not spent the rest of her life appearing in court.

He told her to have a word with probation officer Seamus Halpenny while he moved to deal with other business.

When he resumed consideration of the matter, he was assured that Ms Dwyer would attend counselling.

She admitted the threatening/abusive behaviour at Templeshannon and was put on probation for six months.

Mr Dwyer revealed that his client was expecting a child due to be born in a new year and that she was not drinking.

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