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Former heroin addict has spent a quarter of his adult life in prison


Judge's gavel.

Judge's gavel.

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Judge's gavel.

A WEXFORD town defendant who pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary has had his case adjourned to allow for the preparation of a Probation and Welfare report.

Colin Roche, of 41 Liam Mellows Park, Wexford, pleaded guilty before Judge Barry Hickson at Wexford Circuit Criminal Court to burglary at 1 Sunrise, Carcur, Wexford, on July 18, 2013.

Garda Ian Doyle told Prosecuting Counsel, Ms Sinead Gleeson, that the defendant was apprehended in the back garden of the house. The allegation, he said, is that the defendant had gone to the house, entered through a patio door, but nothing was taken.

Garda Doyle said the defendant had 47 previous convictions and is addicted to heroin.

Defence Counsel Jonathan Fletcher told the court that the defendant is a drug addict since the age of 13 years He is now 37 years of age and single but unfortunately he is no stranger to the courts. 'It's a sad case for he has spent 27% of his adult life in prison while the current offence took place almost two years ago,' he said.

Mr. Fletcher said the defendant had attended Tiglin House in Ashford, Co. Wicklow, while he also has been with Teen Challenge in Sunderland in the UK. He is currently in the final stages of treatment in the academy and had been offered a job.

He said that the defendant had moved himself away from his peers which was instrumental in his rehabilitation. Since his move to England he has made great strides and is now clean of heroin.

Judge Hickson said he had read a number of testimonials from the UK along with the rehabilitation services in Ashford. He had no doubt that is he is making a determined effort to turn his life around, but on this occasion he was caught in a person's back garden having committed a burglary.

Judge Hickson said he would adjourn the case to the next sessions.

He would also direct the preparation of a Probation and Welfare report and would take into account their assessments. Should there be a positive view from the Probation Services he may deal with the matter by way of a long-term suspended sentence.

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