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District court round-up

Stealing 'to help his sick father'

A Romanian man who came to Ireland last year has been stealing things to help pay his father's hospitals bills back in his homeland, Wexford District Court heard on March 2.

Before the court was Aurel Anghel (29), of 5 Beachside Court, Courtown Harbour, who pleaded guilty to theft from Shaws in Wexford on both July 7 and 9 last, and to theft from Aldi in Gorey on July 18. Bottles of aftershave, with a total value of €223, were involved in the thefts from Shaws. At Aldi, he took two pairs of socks, value €3.49

Anghel already had two previous convictions under the Theft Act.

Solicitor John O'Donovan said his client has been in Ireland about a year and says he committed theft 'to pay hospital bills for his sick father in Romania'. He said Anghel is already serving 60 hours of Community Service, and would be willing to do more.

Judge Gerard Haughton pointed out that Community Service must not be sufficient deterrent, as the offences at Shaws and Aldi were both committed after the Community Service order was already handed down. He instead imposed a six month jail sentence, suspended for twelve months, and ordered that the defendant stay out of all Shaws and Aldi stores during that time.

Meanwhile, another Romanian man - Mihai Antonala (30), of the same address - was fined €100 for taking one bottle of aftershave from Shaws when he went there with Anghel on July 7.

He had no previous convictions.

Released after 66 days in custody

A teenager was released from custody and granted bail instead when he was brought before Wexford District Court on March 2.

Ross Bolger (19), of Hayesland, Kilrane, pleaded guilty to 'possessing certain articles' - namely a pair of gloves, a screwdriver, and a pocket torch - on October 10 last. A charge of alleged burglary at Tagoat on the same date was withdrawn.

Sergeant Gary Rayner told how the suspicious items were found while Bolger was being searched at Wexford Garda Station after being arrested on suspicion of a separate offence.

Solicitor Nigel Allen said his client had already spent 66 days in custody following arrest - first from October 10 to November 24, and then from February 9 to the court date. He said Bolger is from a good family and 'they wouldn't be people known to the court'.

Judge Haughton noted that Bolger has other matters due before the court on July 6. He released him on bail of €300 to appear again on that date to face all charges, and asked that a Probation Report be prepared in the meantime.

He also pointed out that Bolger can be brought back to court if he breaches his bail in any way.

Accused of theft in Circuit Court

A Wexford man is accused of stealing a barrister's handbag from the Circuit Court and using one of her credit cards to order computer equipment, the District Court heard on March 2.

Judge Gerard Haughton was told it's alleged that John Collins (34), of 15 Skeffington Street, took the handbag while the Circuit Court was in session.

Later that night the barrister received a phone call to say computer equipment had been ordered and a premises at Mary Street had been given as the delivery address.

Gardai went to that address and the person there said John Collins had asked for permission to have items delivered there. They then searched the home of John Collins and found items that were in the handbag when it was stolen.

Defending solicitor, Nigel Allen, successfully applied for a Garry Doyle order for copies of prosecution documents, and the case was adjourned to April 20 to allow this be complied with.

Crowd was still in pub at 3.25 a.m.

There was music and singing still going on in a Taghmon pub at 3.25 a.m. one Sunday morning just over a year ago, Wexford District Court heard on March 2.

Sergeant Gary Rayner told how Gardai received a report of a loud party going on in the early hours of February 23, 2014, at the Castle Bar, Taghmon, and how they arrived at the premises at 3.25 a.m. They were not allowed for some ten minutes though, during which time a number of people left through a side door. When the Gardai did get in, there were still about 30 other people inside. They spoke to the barman and he said he'd been having trouble trying to clear the premises.

The licence holder of the time, Philip Grace (28), of Rochestown, Ballymitty, was facing a number of charges as a result. His solicitor, Timothy Cummings, told the court that Grace was not there himself at the time, that he had left the barman in charge, but that he nevertheless accepts responsibility for what happened.

Mr Cummings added that Grace is now on Social Welfare, having given up the lease on the pub as 'he couldn't make a go of it'. He had run an orderly premises both before and after what happened on February 23 last year, and apologises for the events that landed him in court.

Judge Gerard Haughton handed down a fine of €400 in respect of Gardai being denied access to the premises. Five further fines of €100 each were added for other offences related to after-hours drinking, making a total penalty of €900.

Case dismissed over handcuffs

A Fethard on Sea man accused of a drink driving offence had the case against him dismissed when Judge Gerard Haughton ruled there was no valid reason for him being handcuffed after arrest.

Before the court on March 2 was Kevin Boland (28), of 8 Ashgrove, accused of committing the offence at Quay Street in New Ross on November 14, 2013.

Garda Fergal Ging told how Boland's car first came to his attention as it sped towards town along the Waterford road and entered onto hatched road markings to pass other vehicles. He and his colleague caught up with Boland in New Ross, and arrested him on suspicion of drink driving. They brought him to the local Garda Station, where a breath sample showed a reading of 68/100, above the legal limit.

Cross-examined by solicitor Eric Flynn, Garda Ging accepted that Bolger had co-operated at the time of the arrest, and had done nothing to either threaten him or suggest he would try to flee.

'Why then was he handcuffed?' Mr Flynn asked.

'Because he had drink taken, and we didn't know him. It was a preventative measure,' replied the Garda.

'To prevent what?' asked Mr Flynn, before the Garda again accepted there was no obvious threat.

Judge Haugthon pointed out that the law is clear in such matters and there must be a valid reason for a suspect to be handcuffed in such circumstances, for example the Garda being by themselves or an obvious threat being made. He therefore dismissed the case.

Speeding fines

Five motorists were put off the road for 12 months and fined €300 when they failed to appear before Wexford District Court on March 3 to meet allegations of speeding. The bans were imposed as their driving licence details were not available to the court, and so penalty points could not be applied. They were:

Adrian Haigh, Rathsilla, Adamstown, for 114 km/h in a 100 zone at Davidstown, Barntown, on September 4 last;

Jim Corcoran, 12 Glenbrook, Newtown Road, Wexford, for 60 km/h in a 50 zone at Murrintown on August 21;

Ovidiu Cornel, 1 Parklands, Enniscorthy, for 71 km/h in a 60 zone at Ferrycarrig on September 3;

Robert Power, 1 Wexford Street, New Ross, for 73 km/h in a 50 zone at the Bosheen Road in New Ross on August 24; and,

Adrian Faltynn, 53 Woodbine Close, New Ross, for 64 km/h in the same 50 zone at Bosheen Road on the same date.

Recognisances were set in all cases, to allow for appeals.

Meanwhile, five other absent motorists - whose licence details were available - were also fined €300. They included:

Kenneth O'Hara, 2 Cois Mara, Rosetown, Rosslare Strand, for 91 km/h in a 80 zone at Ballyknock, Ballymitty, on August 22 last;

Rachel Murphy, Riverstown, Duncormick, for 60 km/h in a 50 zone at Murrintown on August 21;

Norman Ruddock, 5 Richmond Terrace, Spawell Road, Wexford, for 60 km/h in a 50 zone at Murrintown on September 10;

Arthur Spodobalsky, 27 Mount Prospect, Clonard Road, Wexford, for 71 km/h in a 60 zone at Ferrycarrig on September 12; and,

Caroline Gethings, 120 Kennedy Park, Wexford, for 67 km/h in a 50 zone at Whiterock Hill on August 26.

Motorists who appeared in court to meet proceedings were mostly fined €150. They included:

Matt Roche, Grange Road, Rosslare Strand, for 89 km/h in an 80 zone at Ballyknock, Ballymitty, on September 6 last;

Ines Stienon, Scar Cottage, Duncormick, for 89 km/h in an 80 zone at Traceystown East, Cleariestown, on November 3, 2013;

Liam Culleton, formerly of 12 Hazelwood in Bridgetown and now living at 164 Shingan, Milehouse Road, Enniscorthy, for 72 km/h in a 60 zone at Ballycogley on January 10 last year;

Debbie Hayes, Forth Commons, for 69 km/h in a 60 zone at Ardcavan on September 15 last;

Jamie Kelly, 69 Pondsfields, New Ross, for 61 km/h in a 50 zone at Bosheen Road in New Ross on September 11;

Nicola Sheridan, Brambledown, Knocktown, Duncormick, for 61 km/h in a 50 zone at Murrintown on August 21;

Audrey Nolan, Moortown Little, Bridgetown, for 80 km/h in a 60 zone at Rocklands, Wexford, also on August 21;

Emily O'Leary, Mounthaven, Harveystown, Taghmon, for 70 km/h in a 60 zone at Ferrycarrig on September 4;

Aaron Kavanagh, 47 St Brendan's, Rosslare Harbour, for 92 km/h in a 60 zone at Ferrycarrig on August 31;

Walter Blacklaw, St Gabriels, Garrycullen, Saltmills, for 72 km/h in the same 60 zone at Ferrycarrig on August 22; and,

Andrea Shannon, 14 Woodlands, Ballymurn, for 74 km/h in the same zone at Ferrycarrig on the same date.

Finally, elderly driver Stephen Walsh, of Knocktown, Duncormick, was handed a lower fine of €80 after being clocked at 92 km/h in an 80 zone at Ballyknock, Ballymitty, on September 6 last. He explained that he hadn't paid the initial fine because he couldn't afford as his income is just €75 per week. Judge Gerard Haugthon imposed the lower-than-usual fine in the circumstances and allowed six months to pay.

Taghmon assault

July 7 is the date fixed for the hearing of the case of a young man accused of assault causing harm in Taghmon last year.

The case of Eddy Doran (21), 6 Joseph Street, Taghmon, was called in the District Court on March 2 and Judge Gerard Haughton was told it will be a lengthy matter when it is dealt with. He was also told that the defendant is currently in custody and is due for release in November.

The Judge fixed July 7 as the date for hearing. Doran is accused of committing the offence at Micko's on Main Street in Taghmon on August 17 last.

Fined €300

Learner driver Jim Connors (23), of Palace East, New Ross, was fined €300 on March 3 for offences committed at Paul Quay car park in Wexford on September 4 last.

€150 was for not having 'L' plates on his car, while the other €150 was for not being accompanied by a fully licenced driver.

The prosecution was brought by Sergeant Cormac Sheridan.

Abandoned car

A yellow Peugeot 106 that was abandoned in Wellingtonbridge became the property of the State when a Police Property Act application was made in Wexford District Court on March 3.

Sergeant Gary Rayner told how the car was left at The Willows housing estate on January 25. Gardai called to the address of the registered owner, only to be told that nobody of that name was living there. Nobody has come forward to claim possession.

Judge Gerard Haughton made out an order forfeiting the car to the State.

Licence renewal

The publican's licence for The Castle Bar in Taghmon has been renewed and is now in the name of Nicholas Roche, 18 Oak Park, Murrintown, following an application brought to Wexford District Court on March 2.

The court heard that the previous tenant had ceased trading and left the premises, and that the licence had expired on September 30 last.

There was no Garda objection to the application, and so Judge Gerard Haughton granted the renewal.

Drink driving

A €400 fine and three-year ban from driving have been imposed on a 54-year-old woman who was caught drink driving at Cushinstown on March 24 last year.

Wexford District Court heard on March 3 that Dalia Zickiene, of Apartment 40, Priory Lane, New Ross, gave a blood sample with a reading of 181/100 after being arrested on that date.

She had no previous convictions and was described as a widow who works part-time.

Bench warrants

Bench warrants were issued at Wexford District Court for the arrest of three defendants who did not show up to meet the charges against them. They were:

Colin Sutton (29), of Eadestown Great, Broadway, accused of having drugs at Station Road in Rosslare Strand on May 22, 2012;

Stephen Rossitter, 137 Belvedere Grove, Coolcotts, accused of being drunk and disorderly at Heaton's in Wexford on August 7 last; and,

Stacey Stafford (27), 27 Millhaven, Castlebridge, accused of driving without insurance and failing or refusing to give a breath sample at Hill Street in Wexford on April 26 last.

Broken windows

A young Kilmuckridge man is accused of breaking €900 worth of windows in Rosslare at the end of January, the District Court heard on March 2.

Sergeant Gary Rayner said it's alleged that Ethan Kennedy (24), 'The Nest', Ballinamona, went to Grangemore Park in Rosslare Strand on January 28 last and found the home of the mother of another man he had been in a row with. It is further alleged that he broke windows in the house to the tune of €500 and windows in the car parked outside to the value of €400.

Bail conditions were relaxed so that Kennedy now need only sign on twice a week at Enniscorthy Garda Station instead of the three times per week that had been the case. He was then remanded on continuing bail to come to court again on April 20.

Alleged trespass

Paddy Connors (33), of 2 Rose Cottage, Sinnottstown Lane, Drinagh, was brought from prison to Wexford District Court on March 2 to face two charges of trespass on business premises on the same date.

Detective Garda Patrick O'Brien told how Connors was observed in the old WFC building on Parnell Street on February 24 last. He had a wire snippers and a torch with him, even though it was only 3 p.m. at the time. Connors is also accused of trespass at Dubross on Trinity Street on the same date.

Defending solicitor, Timothy Cummings, said he was seeking papers in the matter. The case was adjourned to March 10.

Too drunk to walk

A young Ballyhogue man was so drunk in Wexford that he could not even walk, Sergeant Gary Rayner told the District Court in Wexford on March 3.

He was giving evidence in the case of Emmet Canavan (20), of 8 Belview Cottages, who was found in a 'very drunken' state at Commercial Quay at 12.20 a.m. on July 5 last.

Canavan admitted 'I had too much to drink'. He was fined €200.

Fined and banned

Fines totalling €350 and a two-year ban from driving were handed down at Wexford District Court on March 3 to a young driver who committed offences on February 17 last year.

Michael Murphy (19), of Assaly, Killinick, pleaded guilty to driving without insurance, a licence or NCT at Rosemount, Drinagh, on that date.

He was fined €200 and banned for two years for no insurance, while fines of €75 each were added for the other two offences.

To check policy

Dean Power (21), of 22 Michael J Sinnott Drive in Castlebridge - accused of driving without insurance last year - produced a policy on court on March 3. The case was adjourned to April 20 to allow the prosecuting Garda to check the details.

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