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Couple travel from USA to give evidence in assault case, but defendant fails to appear


Scales of justice

Scales of justice

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Scales of justice

A couple resident in the United States were in court on January 7 ready to give prosecution evidence in an assault case.

But there was no sign of the 70-year-old accused in the case - Joan O'Connor from 40 Newlands, Wexford.

The case dated back to an incident on November 1, 2014 when the couple were living in Ms O'Connor's property.

A medical certificate explaining her absence was produced by solicitor Lana Doherty citing problems with stress and anxiety.

Judge Gerard Haughton felt it was likely that the court case was responsible for the stress.

Though due to return to Arizona, the couple indicated that they were prepared to come back to Ireland in April.

An adjournment to April 14 was granted, with the intention of hearing the case on that date.

The judge told Ms Doherty that, if Ms O'Connor was not present on that date, then he wanted to have the doctor present to give evidence.

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