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Councillor's disappearing road is raised again in 'testy' meeting


Cllr Frank Staples

Cllr Frank Staples

Cllr Frank Staples

The long-running saga of works required on the Mayglass road reared its head again at the recent district meeting when Cllr Frank Staples addressed the issue.

Cllr Staples pointed out that money had been given for the works in 2016 but was then taken back and the road was not included on a programme of works the following year.

He said when it did not appear on this year's programme, it had been suggested that he could hold back the plan but he decided not to do that.

He said that since then he had met with the locals again and they had examined a plan that Engineer Craig Innes had drawn up. However, he said that a new plan was now required but he'd been told that there was no time to do one.

Senior Engineer Sean Kavanagh poitned out that he had limited resources and priority had to be given to roads that were on the programme.

Cllr Staples said that he wanted the matter sorted, saying that if they had a new plan they could then be in the running to get funding if it became available.

Director of Services Tony Larkin, noting the 'testiness' in the room, said he was not aware of the issue but agreed that the focus had to be on delivering the projects on the programme of works. He added that every village in the county was in the same boat and he had councillors ringing, looking for footpaths, roads, etc.

Cllr George Lawlor pointed out that Cllr Staples' query was different in that he had been given a commitment that this road would be part of a programme.

Cllr Staples said the issue had been ongoing 'forever' and while he acknowledged that every village was looking for infrastructure, he explained that €87,000 was committed to the Mayglass road.

The discussion served to jog the director's memory. Mr Larkin said: 'I am aware of this issue, I thought it was something else. But I don't know how we'd fund a job that price.'

He said he would look at the matter again and report back.

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