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Council outlines spending budget for current year

Ten Wexford councillors have been allocated a total of €60,000 to spend on any projects they wish in addition to sharing in a discretionary fund of €87,500 for road repairs around the district.

'The extra money is for any projects around the district that you want to support. It's separate from the roads fund', said District Manager Angela Laffan. 'There are no guidelines, it's at your own discretion', she added.

Cllr. George Lawlor proposed and everyone agreed that they should divide the money into 10 individual lots of €6,000 each which they will spend on different projects.

Cllr. Tony Walsh if two councillors could pool their allocations and was told that they could.

The District Manager outlined a schedule of planned spending by the town council during the coming year including her own discretionary fund of €60,000 for day to day operations, promoting the district and matching funding for grant allocations.

A total of €10,206 has been set aside for the hosting of civic receptions by the Mayor and an additional €10,000 for expenses associated with the office of Mayor and expenditure on items arising from the holding of civic and other public events.

A sum of €10,206 has been earmarked for the maintenance and upkeep of the Bullring Marketplace.

The maintenance, repair and improvement of all parks and open spaces in the district will cost an estimated €388,840 while a budget for playgrounds at Wolfe Tone Villas, Kilmore Quay, Rosslare Harbour, Garran Beatha Coolcotts, Ferndale Park, Ferrybank, Maudlintown Green, Redmond Park, Windmill Heights and Belvedere Road will be managed centrally by the community secton of the County Council.

The budget for beach maintenance and life-saving services is managed by the environment section of the County Council.

A total of €125,000 will be spent by the District Council on supporting festivals and events that have a tourism and economic benefit to the area with an additional €4,000 to be spent on promotional projects including tourism welcome packs for major conferences.

A budget of €20,000 has been set aside for the provision of meals in primary schools while the provision of school wardens is managed centrally by the County Council.

A sum of €12,000 is earmarked for the twinning budget to strengthen links between Wexford and its twin towns in Coureron in France; Fleuris in Belgium and Lugo in Italy.

A total of €32,500 will be spent on a volunteer Tidy Towns programme to address litter management and promote tidiness with an extra €10,000 on litter and summer flower programme.

The street cleaning budget will be managed centrally by the County Council as will the Holmestown Recycling Centre along with 31 bring centres in the district.

The maintenance of St. Ibar's Cemetery in Crosstown will cost €140,917.

The completion of remedial road works will cost €90,000 while the operation and maintenance of 3,000 public lights in the district will be managed by the County Council as will the maintenance of nine public conveniences.

The maintenance of public car parks will cost €70,000 and the operation of street parking facilities will cost €35,000. Costs associated with the traffic warden serivce and parking enforcement are covered by the County authority.

The promotion of Wexford as a Purple Flag destination along with flags and banners on Wexford bridge and quayfront and the Wexford Welcome Wall will cost €29,768.

The following amounts have been budgeted for road maintenance in the district: €70,587 for national primary roads; €274,711 for regional roads; €75,000 for improvement works on non-national road bridges; €500,000 for surface dressing on local roads; €1,835,000 for local road development works; €1,369,070 for local road maintenance and a total of €87,500 on members' discretionary small road works allocation amounting to €8,750 each.

A total of €50,000 will be spent on community involvement local projects and €90,000 on local improvement schemes.

The maintenance programme for 1,470 council housing units in the district will cost €1,260,626 while the maintenance of accommodation for members of the Travelling community will be managed by the County Council.

The maintenance and improvement of housing estates including grants for residents associations will cost €24,000.

The winter salting programme for national primary roads in the district is covered by the County Council budget.

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