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Controversial €50,000 statue of Jesus erected on grave


Andy Connors' grave at St Michael's cemetery.

Andy Connors' grave at St Michael's cemetery.

Andy Connors' grave at St Michael's cemetery.

A six-foot high marble statue of Jesus Christ was erected on top of the Gorey grave of Dublin crime boss 'Fat' Andy Connors last week after a stand-off with parish priest Fr William Howell.

The statue which cost €50,000 is made from solid marble and it took a small crane and several men to hoist into place.

Connors, who was murdered in August 2014, was buried in a gold-plated coffin at Gorey Cemetery.

His widow, Ann, organised the memorial just in time for her husband's anniversary which takes place on Thursday.

The statue was erected despite protests from local parish priest who wasn't happy with the size and structure of the monument.

Fr Howell is believed to have initially refused the family's request for permission, but eventually backed down on the issue.

The family are believed to be planning a massive commemoration service to mark the anniversary of Mr Connors' murder this week.

The statue is joined by Mary and Joseph monuments already surrounding the grave. The three statues are standing on a plinth that surrounds his tombstone.

It was widely reported at the time of the death that Mr Connors was buried wearing a €40,000 diamond Rolex watch along with a number of other expensive items of jewellery.

Separately, close to €10,000 was spent on a lavish floral display, which included a mobile phone and a cigarette box.

The 45-year-old father of six was gunned down by a hired killer in front of his wife and children at his Saggart home on August 20 last year.

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