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CCTV targeting illegal dumpers in Rosslare Strand


The bring centre at Rosslare which is subject to a lot of illegal dumping

The bring centre at Rosslare which is subject to a lot of illegal dumping

The bring centre at Rosslare which is subject to a lot of illegal dumping

CCTV cameras are up and running in Rosslare in a bid to combat illegal dumping.

Chairperson of Rosslare Tidy Towns, Eamonn Sreenan, said the committee have been in discussions with Wexford County Council about the possibility of installing cameras at the bottle bank and it went live at the weekend.

'We have a big problem with illegal dumping at the bottle banks and we have been talking to the council for some time about it. The bottle bank is just at the back of the public toilet block and we are seeing people dumping bags of domestic rubbish at the bank. They are also just leaving their recycling there without putting it in the respective bottle bank.

'The council agreed that there was a problem and the cameras were up and running at the weekend so we are hoping that it will make a big difference. The bottle bank is being used by the majority of people in the proper way but there is a problem there being caused by a minority.

'People aren't event taking the time to recycle properly.'

Eamonn said the committee is also working hard to raise awareness among dog owners about the need to clean up after their pet.

'Dog fouling is a big issue for us and we've had a lot of complaints about it. Again it is a minority of people who are causing the problem but it needs to be addressed. The dog population seems to have increased of late yet the level of responsibility among owners hasn't kept in line with this increase. It had eased off a bit but now it seems to be on the rise again.

'We have been trying various ways to try and deal with the problem including bins and signage along with stencils on the paths to remind people to clean up after their dogs. It's a bit of an epidemic at the moment.

'We are hoping that for the summer people won't bring their dogs onto the beach between the two lifeguard flags. Other counties enforce this and we are looking into this. It may be a case that it will have to be introduced by way of a byelaw but so be it.

'It would be a great deterrent and it would ensure that the beach, especially in peak season, was clean for both the local community and the visiting population. The dog dirt makes the beach very dirty.'

Eamonn said the committee is hoping that these measures along with its continued work and community involvement will lead to an increase in marks in the Tidy Towns competition.

'We are hoping to improve again this year', said Eamonn.

'We have been going a lot of work in terms of painting, planting and weeding. People are saying that the village looks really well so we are going in the right direction. Hopefully that will show in the results. There's a great impetus in the village and we've a great crew of volunteers.

'We've been really pushing this idea within the community of 'Mind Your Own Patch'. If people and businesses took the time to clean up outside their own premises it would make a significant difference to the area.'

Eamonn also said that there are now 18 young people working with the Tidy Towns committee

'It's great to see the young people so involved and we are working hard to develop a youth section though the youth club. They have really shown an interest in helping out and are working with some of the committee to paint up the picnic benches in the village to make the area more vibrant.'

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