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Carmel's first e-book shoots straight to top of itunes chart

SCREEN WOMAN Carmel Harrington (pictured) has released her debut novel 'Beyond Grace's Rainbow' as an e-book and on iTunes where it is currently number 1 in ladies fiction and literature.

Carmel lives with her husband Roger, her two small children Amelia and Nathan, and her stepdaughter Eva.

She has been writing from an early age and even won competitions as a child. In recent years Carmel has given up her position as a Sales and Marketing manager to focus on her role asa mother. However, she has still pursued her love of writing and dream to be a published author, releasing her debut novel, 'Beyond Grace's Rainbow' as an e-book. The book is now available on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes, where since its release on August 15, it has entered at the number 1 position for ladies fiction. Carmel is now busy working on her second novel which she hopes will be finished later this year.

'Beyond Grace's Rainbow' is the story of single mother, Grace Devlin, whose life is turned upside down when she finds out that she has cancer. To further complicate things, the father of her baby turns up determined to win her back. Through it all, Grace's friends are by her side despite their own worries. The story is being billed as 'a fantastic tale of friendship, love, laughter and courage in equal measure' by another promising new author.