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Cameras to follow O'Gorman to Fr. Fortune's former home

A TELEVISION CREW is set to film inside the Parochial House where the late Fr. Sean Fortune, the priest who was due to stand trial on sex abuse charges when he died, resided as part of a documentary to be aired on national television next month.

A team from RTE's 'Would You Believe' plans to film Colm O'Gorman visiting the parochial house for the first time since Fortune sexually abused him there between 1981 and 1983.

Fr. Oliver Sweeney told parishioners at mass in Poulfur that it was best for the church to open its doors rather than to create a negative image by not co-operating.

It was reported this week that RTE programme-makers had written to the Parish Council requesting permission to film inside the house.

They were refused permission initially, fearing it might upset other survivors of Fr. Fortune's crimes.

However, this decision was reversed following a meeting between the Parish Council and the RTE team.

The documentary entitled 'My Father's House' is to be aired on November 8.

Meanwhile, Eileen Cloney from Fethard, the daughter of the mixed-marriage couple at the centre of the infamous Fethard-on-Sea boycott has said that she feels there is a growing prejudice against people who expose Catholic Church scandals.

Eileen, whose education as a child sparked the Catholic boycott of Protestant businesses in 1957 and whose parents were the inspiration for the movie 'A Love Divided', told national media that there is an increasing effort by some locals to rewrite the history of both the boycott and the late Sean Fortune.

Eileen spoke out last weekend saying shortly after her mother's passing in June, she was visited by a neighbour who told her to stop resurrecting the past.