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Call made for oil prices to come down


Deputy James Browne.

Deputy James Browne.

Deputy James Browne.

Fianna Fáil TD, James Browne, has called for oil companies to pass on price reductions within the industry to consumers.

Commenting on the issue to this newspaper Deputy Browne called on all of the major oil companies 'to ensure that price reductions are passed on to Wexford's petrol and diesel customers'.

Deputy Browne's comments came in the wake of a huge drop in the price of Brent crude oil which fell from $45 a barrel to $31.02 a barrel last week.

Speaking on the day of that price drop Deputy Browne said: 'Today saw one of the biggest falls in oil prices in recent memory. It is now important that this price drop is reflected on the forecourts.'

He went on to comment that Wexford consumers already pay high prices at the pumps.

'Now that there has been such a significant reduction it is only fair that those price cuts are passed on to consumers,' he said.

'From what I can see there have only been marginal decreases in prices of .1c to .2c at the pumps here,' he added.

Deputy Browne added that with oil prices falling by around 30 per cent such a minimal price reduction at pumps was 'nowhere near proportional'.

'Wexford consumers are paying high prices right across the board,' he said.

'It's only right that large oil companies pass on the savings [and] I am urging all companies to play fair and reduce prices.'

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