Sunday 25 March 2018

Browne calls on Minister to take case to Europe

John Browne TD.
John Browne TD.

Wexford Fianna Fail T.D., John Browne said he was 'very disappointed' with the attitude of Marine Minister Simon Coveney to the Kilmore fishery dispute.

Deputy Browne said the Minister had insisted there would be no compromise in the action taken against the O'Flaherty Brothers.

The Wexford T.D. said Kilmore quay depends on the fishing industry and the area has been thrown into a state of crisis as a result of 15 fishing trawlers being grounded.

He called on the Minister to use his influence in Europe to negotiate quota trades with countries like France which do not reach their fishing allowances.

'Minister Coveney is blaming the O' Flahertys for overfishing the seas. The fact is he has failed to adequately negotiate quota trading with other EU countries that come nowhere near reaching their quotas. For instance, the French fished 38% of their monkfish and megrim quota last year.'

Deputy Browne said a quota transfer between member States is a key part of the Common Fisheries Policy.

'What is most galling is that while the O'Flaherty Brothers were compelled to cease all fishing, Spanish, French and Belgian ships continued to fish these seas with their large quotas,' he said.

'The longer this dispute goes on, the bigger the hit is for the fishermen and the local community. We need to see these trawlers back out to sea where they belong.'

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