Friday 23 February 2018

Billy looks forward to still being part of Irish team at Rio 2016

AS SPECULATION over his future with the Irish Amateur Boxing Association continued to mount last week, Billy Walsh gave his strongest indication yet that he will remain with the national set-up for at least the next four years.

Speaking on stage outside The Ballagh CommunityCentre, at the Adam Nolan homecoming, Billy told the crowd that his attention had turned to Rio 2016 and the next attempt to bring back gold for Ireland.

Billy accompanied Adam to his home village and greeted the crowd who had gathered to welcome them, before taking to the stage himself. While praising Adam for his efforts at the London Olympics, Billy said: 'Hopefully for me, Adam will stay a part of the Irish team and can go on to bring even more success.'

When questioned about the Olympics in Rio in 2016, Billy replied: 'We' ll definitely be chasing gold in Rio. While we were obviously delighted with Katie's gold, we wanted gold for the men in London too. I think Paddy was very unlucky not to make the final and if Nevin hadn't had such a tough fight the night before he could've won his final. But we definitely won't stop until we get that gold and hopefully we can bring it back from Rio.'

While the IABA are coming under increasing pressure to renew Billy's contract, it seems that the Wexford man will be looking to have the contract of his Georgian assistant renewed also. Speaking about Zaur Antia, Billy said: 'Me and Zaur have been working together for ten years now. At this stage we're like a married couple! I know Zaur can be a bit media shy and sometimes his English isn't the best, but he knows boxing inside out. He's my right hand man and we work very well together.'

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