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WEXFORD BUSINESSMAN Bobby O'Neill and his father have had ten premises taken over by Bank of Scotland, the District Court was told on Monday.

The court was dealing with a claim from a cigarette supplier for €14,000 owed by Robert and Michael O'Neill, trading as O'Neill Sweetstores, with an address given as 2 South Main Street.

Appearing for the creditors, solicitor Eric Furlong expressed frustration that neither Bobby nor his 87-year-old father was present at the courthouse in Ardcavan.

He indicated he believed that O'Neill Sweetstores owned ten properties not shown on a statement of means that was shown to him in court.

These included properties in Clonmel, Waterford and Kilkenny, as well as in Wexford, said Mr Furlong.

However, defending solicitor Collette Culleton informed him that all ten premises have been taken over by the Bank of Scotland. She passed on an offer to pay €20 per week to JTI Ireland, formerly Gallagher's, off the €14,000 owed. She said the financial situation of Robert O'Neill is 'very unhealthy'.

The offer was rejected and the proceedings have been adjourned to September 24.

Bobby O'Neill is known not just for his profile as a retailer at the family sweet shop but also as a sportsman and would-be politician.

He is a former world-kick boxing champion and he ran in the Fianna Fáil colours at the last local elections but failed to take a seat on the Borough Council.