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Assaulted Garda in courtroom scuffle

A 27-YEAR-OLD Castlebridge man was sentenced to sixteen months in prison when he pleaded guilty to assaulting a Garda in a courtroom.

Ivan Hendy was before Judge Alice Doyle at Wexford Circuit Criminal Court for assaulting Garda William Gallagher at Ardcavan on March 2 last year.

Garda Gallagher told the court of being on duty at Ardcavan, assisting Garda Doyle who had a prisoner in his car at Wexford District Court, where Judge William Earley was presiding. While the defendant was waiting for his case to be heard, he indicated that the hand uffs had to come off or he was 'going to hurt' the Garda. About five minutes later, when the case was about to be heard, the handcuffs were removed. After his hearing, the defendant returned to the body of the court, and walked past the Garda, saying he wanted to speak to his mother.

Garda Gallagher told the defendant that he wanted to apply the hand cuffs. On putting back on the handcuffs, Hendy shouted they were too tight and to 'f... off', at which stage Hendy headbutted him in the face. Other members of the gardai came to his assistance, he said.

He also said that they were trying to stop the defendant from using the handcuffs as a weapon, after which the defendant was taken to the foyer and taken to the ground and restrained.

'Having been examined by Dr. Bowe, I was out of work for three weeks as a result of the injuries,' said Garda Gallagher.

Sergeant John Kehoe told the court that the defendant had 79 previous convictions.

Defence Counsel, Colman Cody, told the court that the defendant had been a drug addict since he was sixteen years of age. His family originally resided in Bray before coming to live in Castlebridge. One of the defendant's brothers had died following a drugs overdose. He is presently serving a custodial sentence and due for release on November 14 next.

Judge Doyle ordered that a sixteen-month sentence also be served, to be back-dated to March 29 last.