Sunday 17 December 2017

Assaulted father and threatened to burn family home

A 25-year-old man with a drink problem assaulted his father and threatened his mother that he would burn down the family home. Gavin Sinnott, originally from Kilcavan in Wellingtonbridge but now resident in Waterford, admitted breach of a safety order.

Garda Sergeant Gary Rayner told the District Court that his colleagues were called to Kilcavan around 11.30 p.m. on the night of July 19. They arrived to find the defendant intoxicated and agitated. The father was lying on the ground in the wake of the assault.

A stand-off followed between Sinnott and the investigating offices, which was not resolved until 1.20 a.m. The accused, who had 50 previous convictions on his record, admitted breach of the safety order which had been in place for four years.

The court learned that these previous convictions included a breach of a barring order which merited a prison sentence. However, sitting at the court in Wexford last week, Judge Patrick Klyne was not inclined to send the repeat offender to prison.

Instead he asked solicitor Lana Doherty whether her unemployed client would be willing to carry out some community service and she responded that it might do him no harm. Sinnott personally assured the court that he was willing and available, despite the plaster cast he wore on his right arm.

A hundred hours of community service in lieu of three months prison was recommended by the court, pending a report on his suitability for the work by the probation service. His new address was given as 16 Bridge Street, Waterford.

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