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28 call-outs for RNLI this year


Wexford RNLI volunteers patrolling Wexford Harbour

Wexford RNLI volunteers patrolling Wexford Harbour

Wexford RNLI volunteers patrolling Wexford Harbour

Since January of this year, volunteers have piled into the lifeboat at Wexford RNLI Station a total of 28 times to come to assistance of those in distress in the Wexford Harbour area.

The Wexford station was founded in 1998 following another death by suicide in the harbour and ever since, they've calls relating to people in this type of distress have formed a large part of their work.

As a result, the work that they do isn't often overtly publicised.

'Unfortunately a lot of our calls would be people in distress like that,' explained Lifeboat Helm Lorraine Galvin. 'We had three calls just last week and of those, two were vulnerable people in distress. Obviously we don't like to publicise these types of calls too much, but it is a large part of what we do.'

Wexford RNLI currently consists of a team of some 25 volunteers, 16 of which are crew. The annual cost of running the operation is in the region of €122,000. Annual training costs for each crew member costs €2,135 while the kit required by each crew member comes in at over €2,500. For this reason, they require quite a bit of support from the general public to keep things on the water.

'We're 100% a charity organisation,' said Lorraine. 'We're constantly looking for funds. We have our own fundraising branch and they operate the shop down here in the lifeboat station.'

'As well as that though, we're always looking for anyone who might be staging an event for charity to consider the RNLI.'

As well as that, the RNLI are always seeking new volunteers.

'We've taken on three new people this year already,' said Lorraine.

'We've had a total of six new crew in the last two years and we will probably be looking for more in September.'

'So anyone who lives within a three to four kilometre radius of the station and who can commit to the training, which is once a month, we'd love to hear from you. There's a lot of training involved and it probably takes a year and a half to be ready anyway.'

To get involved in any way, contact Wexford RNLI Station on 053 9152220 or follow them on social media.

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