Tuesday 12 December 2017

Work on Poulsack Bridge set to last for three weeks

The Poulsack Bridge
The Poulsack Bridge

THE road between Castlebridge and Crossabeg is to be closed for the next three weeks because of work to reinforce the crumbling Poulsack Bridge.

'There are reinforcement repairs being made to the bridge,' said Jim Power, senior executive engineer at the county council.

He said that as a result, the L30053 would be closed for three weeks.

He said a concrete saddle had to poured over the old bridge, which was showing signs off distress.

'If we didn't do this work, we would have to lower the weight limit of traffic allowed to use it to very low levels,' said Mr Power.

Mr Power said he couldn't comment on whether there were any plans to improve the aesthetics of the bridge.

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