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FACEBOOK IS A social networking site, that is used all over the world. Since it was established in 2004 by private company facebook inc. It has put other social networking sites of the radar such as Bebo. It now as of January 2011 has 600 million users and still counting. According to Social Media Today as of April 2010, 41.6% of the US population has a Facebook account.

Facebook was founded by Harvard student Mark Zuckerburg and his collage roommates and fellow computer science students. Setup at first for only Harvard students to keep in touch it then moved out across to other universities such as The Ivy league, then it moved on to the high schools around the country and eventually for anyone over the age of 13.

Now its used all over the world by anyone over the age of 13. Entertainment weekly put it on its end of the decade best of list saying "how on earth did we stalk our exes, remember our co-workers birthdays, bug our friends and play a rousing game of Farmville before Facebook."

Quantcast estimates that Facebook has 135.1 million users in the US alone as of October 2010.

Ivy Bean was Facebooks oldest user, at the age of 102 she set up her facebook account and gained 4,962 friends. She even got to meet Gordon brown and his wife in Dowling street. She even passed the maximum number of Facebook users. There are many fan pages dedicated to Ivy Bean on Facebook.

People use Facebook for various reasons. I conducted a survey on facebook through messages. I found that 50% of users use Facebook to stay in contact and 40% use Facebook as a way to share photos and 10% use it as a way out of boredom. Facebook is also used to chat to people send messages and stay up with the latest craze. I found that 60% of facebook users use facebook for an hour to two hours a day and 10% use it for under an hour a day but 30% use it for more than three hours a day. Personally I use facebook to keep in contact with people, but some people use it as a way of playing games for free. Facebook also has many different fan pages that you can look and share links with friends. Facebook also uses its popularity as a way of publicising causes such as Cancer and Child Abuse. Parents use it as a way to keep tabs on their terrible teens and employers use it as a way to see if candidates are the right choice, Universities also use it as a way to pick students.

I introduced my father to facebook and he was shocked at how easy it was to use it. At first he was adamant that facebook was not for him and that it was a waste of time. Lets just say he wont be as adamant to stick to one idea in the future.

Okay I admit it's not for everyone but everyone should have a go at it. At first you would have sworn that I told him to stand in the corner of a round room, He can check emails and search on Google but dare I say he's gone any further. When it asked for his email address name and a password, I don't think I heard what why where and how so many times, but once he'd registered he was starting to consider facebook. It took quite a while but he eventually got the jist of it. I showed him many things such as how to add friends and how to decline them. I also showed him how to post a picture but he choose not to. I pointed out the options of how you want your profile to be shown, private or public. He choose private as he did not want his details to be shown. I told him to type in a friends name from his schooldays and what should pop up but a friend that he has not seen in over 30 years. He was utterly amazed and has grown to like Facebook, if not like, love it. He checks his page frequently and still has one hundred and one questions to ask.

I guess Facebook now has 600,000,001 million users!