Monday 19 March 2018

Water worries in Bridgetown area

Padraig Byrne

THERE'S something in the water in Bridgetown at the moment...and not in a good way.

A number of reports surfaced over the weekend of discoloured water coming from taps all over the Bridgetown area, something which, understandably, was a cause for concern among the local community. One local resident uploaded a picture of a very cloudy glass of water from his tap.

Mayor George Lawlor, making the most of social media to spread the word, immediately took to Facebook and outlined what had caused the problem.

'I've spoken to the water services in Wexford County Council,' he said. 'There was maintenance carried out in the Bridgetown area during the week (also at Ashfield Cross) and this disturbed sediment in the pipes which caused discolouration.'

The Mayor added that an operation would be carried out in the coming days to completely clean out the pipes, meaning that things will get worse before they get better.

'They are going to scour the pipes in the next day or so to clean them out and this will result in some further sediment loosening, causing discolouration. But after that you should begin to see a marked improvement.'

Mayor Lawlor also added that people in the Rosslare area could expect some discolouration to their water in the coming days too as pipe scouring is also planned for Rosslare Strand this week.

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