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One-way traffic system set to continue in the Bullring

A controversial one-way traffic system in the Bullring which was introduced to facilitate almost-completed renovation work on a new District Council office, is set to continue during the ongoing refurbishment of Crescent Quay.

'We are proposing to leave Cornmarket a one-way system until such time as the works in Crescent Quay have been completed to give us more flexibility with the traffic', District Engineer Sean Kavanagh informed Sinn Fein councillor Tom Forde.

Controversy surrounded the introduction of the one-way system in the Bullring shortly before Wexford Festival Opera last year with shop owners complaining that they were not consulted in advance about major disruption to the area.

On hearing that the one-way system is to continue, Cllr. Forde asked 'Have you spoken to shop owners in the area about this'.

'No, but we will', replied Mr. Kavanagh.

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