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Please stop reading this! It could be dangerous! We gave up some technology for a while and have not been the same since. We don't want you to get dragged into the upside down idea of NO TECHNOLOGY!

With all the technology and new gadgets that come out every year, we begin to wonder if we could ever cope without them. When we see something new, we always feel the need to purchase it. We always try to keep up with the latest gadgets and versions. We need to pause for a second and ask ourselves, "Do we really need them?"

We were on a mission. We gave up our phones for a week to see if we could survive without them. Was it impossible? Could we cope? We felt quite restricted and the more we thought about our phones, the harder it became for us. It was a huge inconvenience. But then again, "an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered" – G.K Chesterson.

What's hard about not having a phone is when you have to contact your family or friends at times of need. We got stuck in different situations. Once one of us needed to ring a family member in an emergency and another time one of us was left stranded in Waterford when a bus didn't come. We'd get little panic attacks inside at times when we check our pockets and feel that our phones were missing. For a brief moment we would think our phones had been stolen

Before we knew it, the week was over. Our treacherous journey to the land of certain freedom was ending. We got used to it. We even did a survey which showed that 56% of people in the CBS Secondary send less than 50 texts a day. There are other things to do with our time other than texting.

Without these luxuries, we do wonder about what will entertain us and what we will do during our free time. Stare at each other? Complain about having nothing to do or watch?

No, there was a time when technology was a box outside which was covered in damp muslin cloth where the milk was kept (the fridge). George Bridges, born the year of the Irish Free State, recalls his early life: " Technology did not rule the home. The toilet was outdoors. As a child, television did not exist.

"Spinning tops were used on the empty roads. Children chased after wheels with a stick. Girls had skipping ropes and made up rhymes to go along with the skipping. Playing marbles was popular with games such as Taw in the Hole. Hopscotch was played though it was called Hectabeds. Haws were spat through a hollow weed. Cockles, mushrooms, crabs and blackberries were collected at their seasonal times. In the evening a man had to manually light the gas street lamps. Nothing was taken for granted."

There is more to life than technology. Everything is not just about mobile phones and video games. We never had to rely on them before and we shouldn't have to rely on them now.