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Johnstown Castle pricing review urged

Wexford Borough Council are to write to the Irish Heritage Trust in a bid to get them to review admission prices at Johnstown Castle. Following on from some major work done at the historic Wexford landmark, significant price increases followed, generating an air of discontent among regular patrons.

Bringing a motion before the December meeting of the Borough Council, Cllr Tom Forde asked the Irish Heritage Trust to 'review admission prices for visitors for the year ahead'.

He stated that 'these increases have placed the historic grounds and castle out of the reach of local families who have enjoyed and supported for many years'.

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Forde said that he had received a lot of complaints on the subject and noted that, for his own family, there had been a price jump from €35 to €140 for the year.

Cllr Maura Bell, who also manages the Irish National Heritage Park, said:

'By all means we can write to them, but with the rising cost of insurance and the cost of employment etc, it's a very difficult situation.'

Cllr Bell added that the Irish National Heritage Park had introduced a special cheaper rate for local people to visit and was reaping the benefits of people leaving Johnstown Castle.

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