Thursday 14 December 2017

Ferndale emerges from the darkness

Ferndale with no street lights on Wednesday evening. Photo: Ger Hore
Ferndale with no street lights on Wednesday evening. Photo: Ger Hore

FRUSTRATED Ferndale Park residents who were in the dark for almost two weeks finally saw the light at the weekend.

Street lights were our of action on the estate for almost a fortnight, despite numerous calls to Wexford Borough Council on the matter. Engineers from Airtricity finally restored power to the lights at the weekend.

During the blackout, residents had been particulary concerned about the lack of light contributing to anti-social behaviour.

'It's total chaos up here at night because the whole place is pitch black,' said resident Jean Doyle, speaking to this newspaper during the blackout last week. 'I know kids will be kids, but you have youngsters going around throwing stones at people's houses in the dark. Some of the elderly people are quite scared. I can't even go out and get on to them because it's too dark to see who's doing it. The Gardaí have been up a good few times in the past couple of weeks. Someone is going to end up getting really hurt.'

Speaking yesterday (Monday), Jean was happy that the lights had been fixed, but still frustrated at the number of phone calls she had to make before the repair crew arrived.

Borough Engineer Sinead Casey said the lights were knocked out 'when a contractor working in the area damaged a power supply cable'.

'All public lights, bar one, are now back working in Ferndale,' she said.

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