Wednesday 24 July 2019

Energy-saving St Iberius hoists second Green flag

St Iberius School raised their 2nd Green Flag on Friday morning
St Iberius School raised their 2nd Green Flag on Friday morning

ST IBERIUS National School has just raised its second Green flag, this time for saving energy.

To mark the occasion, the school held a windmill day at which the Green Schools committee made a presentation to the whole school on renewables.

Parents' representative on the commitee Heidy Bramley said the campaign began two years ago when the school, which already has a Green flag for its anti-litter work, developed a Green code.

Members of the commitee were selected from the ranks of students from second to sixth class with Heidi who is the parents' representative and Juliet O'Riordan, who is the teachers' representative.

Various initiatives were undertaken during the intervening period, including a 'Vampire Audit' – with committee members dressed as vampires going from class to class to show how appliances left on standby suck up power!

The Green campaign was so successful that the school is now able to operate its new whiteboards utilising the saved energy to power them.

To cap off last week's flag raising, the commitee organised a quiz with students taking the results home to show their families how they too could become Greener.

'It was a lot of work, but it was really good and I found out a lot of information.

'It was great to be involved from a parent's point of view,' said Heidi.

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