Tuesday 23 January 2018

Castlebridge kennels will have to close

A Castlebridge householder is barking up the wrong tree as he attempts to operate boarding kennels beside his home in Castlebridge, Wexford County Council has ruled. Planners have turned down David Hayden's application to retain a shed for use as a commercial boarding kennels at Kilcorral, north of Castlebridge.

His application led to several neighbours lodging formal objections. The local authority received letters from Martin and Geraldine Doyle of Riverview House, as well as well as Martin and Elaine Donovan of Maple Lodge.

The Doyles complained that they were suffering from noise pollution as occupants of the kennels were barking throughout the night. The Donovans reckoned that the barks were being amplified by the steel structure of the agricultural style shed in which they are housed.

In their letter on the planning file, they also reported that the kennels were already been up and running for several months, as advertised on the internet. They expressed concern that dogs may be walked on the private lane in Kilcorral, leading to dog foul pollution in an area where small children play.

Officials in the council planning section calculated that there are 15 dwellings within 240 metres of the shed where the canines are being cared for, with three dwellings within 80 metres.

'I consider that the close proximity of three dwellings in particular would render any noise control measures ineffective,' wrote the planner. The application was turned down for this reason, along with a concern that inadequate information had been submitted as to how waste will be stored and disposed of.

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