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Artistic trio's Bannow show

The work of three women amateur artists formed a backdrop to the Phil Murphy weekend of music in Carrig-on-Bannow.

Clare Wickham of Cullenstown, Siobhan Doyle of Wellingtonbridge and Margaret Bohanna of Ballymitty joined artistic forces for an exhibition in the AOH Hall in the village, which was inundated with visitors.

Creativity comes naturally to the south Wexford trio with Clare Wickham formerly known for her beautiful painted bird boxes and Margaret Bohanna still locally renowned for her knitting and crochet crafts while Siobhan is pursuing a PhD in Museum Studies in DIT. Clare specialises in intricate textile pictures made from dyed felt wool which she uses to create landscapes which are almost three dimensional.

Margaret is a member of Closet Artists, a group based in Bridgetown run under the auspices of WWETB, which meets every week for a class conducted by artist Sheila Burton. She joined the group three years ago, re-igniting a childhood interest in art and her mixed-media work which includes the clever use of bottlecaps, is now regularly shown in the Red Door Cafe.

Siobhan is busy studying for a doctorate and paints during any spare time available to her, creating impressive portraits of well-known people and animation scenes, mostly in acrylic on canvas.

Wexford People