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A little Respect!

HAVE YOU ever walked into a shop and felt like you are being watched, or have you ever been standing in a public place and been asked to leave? In this article, we will see just why these are the attitudes towards adolescents.

I think that the public have a general 'bad reputation' opinion towards teenagers, and tend to be very suspicious of them. We all know that these opinions are illfounded and unfair, but why are they there in the first place?

In a restaurant situation, an adolescent with a mineral will be asked to leave to make room, whereas an adult with a tea or coffee will not be asked to leave. Is this very fair? I don't think so, yet this has been my own personal experience.

In a shop, when a teenager walks in, the security guards eyes are almost immediately drawn to them. This can be very offensive. Just because we are teenagers, does not mean we don't have standards.

I think that the current attitudes are unfair because adults would not stand for this kind of treatment, and nobody likes to feel like they have been taken advantage of. I find this behaviour very insulting, especially because teenagers are usually very complying when they are asked to leave, and very rarely give any form of abuse.

On interviewing a cross section of the student body in my school, they all said that they had experienced some sort of discrimination in public at some time.

Of course, this is not a description of all adolescents. It is well known that we can be very loud and annoying, but the vast majority of us are well behaved in public situations, and everyone should not be cast of because of the actions of others. What do you think?