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A comparison of two different types of dance

AS YOU can see I have taken part in many forms of dance now though I only take part in Ballet and Irish dance. These are two different types of dancing, I decided to study the differences and similarities between them.

'Irish dancing is all about the 'turnout' as is ballet. This way both dances complement each other.

'Ballerinas have very strong, some say stiff, postures, Irish dancers have a more relaxed posture, although Irish dancers still have every good postures.

'There are many forms of ballet and Irish dancing. Irishdancing: Sean-nós, Old style irishdancing, Irish step dancing. Ballet: Classical Ballet, Neoclassical Ballet, Contemporary Ballet.

'Both would both strengthen the legs and ankles (particularly Ballet for ankles.) And both are very good forms of exercise, though as an adult Ballet would be harder to pick up than Irish dancing.

'In Ballet a dancer goes through a serious of grades. At the end of each grade there is an examination. In Irish dancing there are many competition's throughout the year and at the end of the year there is usually a huge competition, called the All-Irelands in some organisations, it may also be called 'The Worlds' or an 'Irish Open Competition'. 'Both forms of dancing can be seen all around the world. All dancing is a form of art and Self Expression. In this way every style, type and sort of dancing is linked.