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What's trending for the year ahead


Jackfruit, from the fig family, is growing in popularity

Jackfruit, from the fig family, is growing in popularity

Jackfruit, from the fig family, is growing in popularity

I wonder what will be trending in natural health in 2020. It's always interesting to see what's predicted.

Veganism is continuing to rise and the numbers of people making the change are expected to increase in 2020. Expect to see more foods claiming to be vegan that were always vegan to begin with, for example, foods like bran flakes and porridge may now "say suitable for vegans" across the front of the packet. Don't be fooled by marketing-check the ingredients yourself.

There will also be more plant based meat products to choose from, Good Catch Tuna, a fish alternative made from legumes and is one example.

Jackfruit, a fruit from the fig family, is growing in popularity. It has lots of health benefits for the vegan diet as well as providing a meaty texture to a meal. There's an abundance of interesting recipes online on how to use it. Take a look at it if you haven't heard of this fruit.

There is a trend towards healthier snacks for people to have on the go, so you may notice that there are healthier foods, fresh foods, with honest labelling, and less packaging too.

It was expected that Moringa, also known as Miracle Tree, would be the number one supplement last year. It didn't quite make it, however people are still learning about it. It's suggested that it has amazing health benefits including anti-aging, a source of antioxidants, and is considered one of the most nutrient rich plants in the world. Let's keep an eye on this supplement.

An interesting prediction for me is watermelon seeds. It is suggested that they could contribute to boosting heart health and are linked to better health in general. Let's watch this space.

We'll see an increase in reusable water containers and coffee cups, and glass or cardboard water bottles. I wonder how long it will take until we won't see plastic bottles for sale anywhere. I think everyone is making an effort to reduce plastic at this point.

I hope that 2020 will be a great year for you, happy New Year to you all.

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