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Water - how much do you drink?

If you're feeling thirsty, you're already dehydrated. There are many other signs of dehydration including, headaches, tiredness, inability to focus, cramping, dizziness, excessive sweating, and reduced or dark coloured urine,

In Ireland it is recommended we drink a minimum of 1.2 lutes of water per day (HSE). Compared to most countries around the world, we are lucky to be very blessed with tremendous natural water resources.

Although it often highlighted as beneficial in the morning, Water is something we need throughout the day. Whether you are sitting down or working out, you are losing water ever hour through the breath, going to the bathroom and perspiration.

Water makes up over two-thirds of a healthy human body. We need it to lubricate our joints and eyes, flush out waste and toxins and keep our skin healthy. It also helps digestion.

Signs of dehydration

Dehydration happens when the normal water content of the body is reduced upsetting the delicate balance of minerals (salts and sugar) in our body. Many of the body's cells depend on these minerals being maintained at the correct levels to function properly. This imbalance can lead to a host of other imbalances so it is best if this balance is well maintained.

We are dehydrated when the body has lost so much fluids that it can no can no longer function normally. We are made up of 2/3s water so need regular sips to remain in the right balance throughout the day.

The body can handle 1 to 2 percent water loss but more than that causes problems in the overall functioning of the body and health.

Benefits of Drinking water first thing in the morning.

Lack of water causes many health problems. Drinking enough water, particularly on an empty stomach first thing in the morning has many benefits including:

1. Helps in having and maintaining regular bowel movements and can also prevent constipation, poor digestion and intestinal infections leading to a healthy and happy gut.

2. Water keeps your body hydrated helping to maintain the proper functioning of your internal organs . This also helps keeps your lymph system healthy and in balance.

3. Drinking water on an empty stomach helps cleanse your colon which in turn increases your intestines ability to absorb nutrients and flush toxins out of the body.

4. Fight infections-Drinking water on an empty stomach increases the body's ability to fight infections.

5. It also keeps your skin healthy, clear and glowing.

Drinking water first thing on an empty stomach is very beneficial. But it is also important to keep drinking it throughout the day.

Water, Beauty and Health and more

Water makes our skin glow. Most models swear by it and drink copious quantities. From a beauty perspective, it hydrates thirsty hair and nails. It is anti-aging. It aides in weight lost and is a natural detoxer. It also helps form saliva and mucus. It delivers oxygen throughout the body with blood being made up of more than 90 percent water, and brining oxygen to different parts of the body. It cushions the brain, spinal cord, and other sensitive tissues. Too much dehydration can lead to problems with thinking and reasoning faculties. It helps regulate body temperatureand blood pressure. It prevents kidney stones and kidney damage. It aids in weight loss and boosts performance during exercise. It also helps with reducing chances and effects of hangovers.

Water is vital for health and focus in so many ways. If you are not sure you drink enough, try more and enjoy the benefits.

Calodagh McCumiskey designs and delivers bespoke wellbeing at work programmes to grow people and companies. She also offers regular meditation classes, personal development workshops and wellbeing consultations to help people thrive. Ph. 053 9140655 | info@spiritualearth.com | www.spiritualearth.com

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