Sunday 21 January 2018

The buzz is back for beekeepers

HONEY bee populations are bouncing back around County Wexford after hives were hit by the awful wet winter.

Relieved beekeepers reported worrying losses, sometimes losing most of their stock through the combination of cold and damp.

'It happened before in the 1980s, but nowhere near as bad,' reported veteran apiarist Ambrose Murphy at Brownswood near Enniscorthy.

'I had casualties and there was no early honey but the good weather has pulled it out of the fire.'

He said he was reduced from around 40 colonies down to the 14 mark by the poor weather.

And others around the county were almost wiped out by the unseasonable conditions.

'I am in touch with beekeepers all over the county and they are all much of a muchness,' said Ambrose Murphy.

'I did not hear of anyone who was wiped out altogether but there won't be a lot of honey for sale. The honey flow is over.'

He predicted that it will take two years, perhaps longer, for him to return to full production after so many hives were left lifeless.

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