Saturday 24 February 2018

Sunscreen and ice cream sales soar

Ice cream and sunscreen sales increased dramatically in County Wexford last week as the Sunny South East basked in temperatures of up to 27 degrees.

Manager of Pettitts SuperValu Supermarket in Wexford, Pádraig Doran, said customer shopping patterns change radically once the sun comes out for long periods.

'We are burst out of it in the morning with shoppers getting food in for the beach or picnics and then it is very very quiet in the afternoon, but we get a busy surge again in the evening with people buying supplies for their barbecues,' he said.

He said the biggest sales were for children's ice lollies, while ice cubes were also in big demand, as were barbecue meats, salads, and alcoholic drinks, particularly Bulmers Cider.

'Overall though, we are selling less because people eat less in the fine weather and generally speaking spend as much time as they can outdoors', he added.

Wexford-based ice cream company Paganini, in the Kerlogue Industrial Estate, also saw a surge in demand among retailrs in Wexford and in Dublin during the heatwave.

Its manager, Barry Murphy, said their biggest seller was the two-litre ice cream tubs popular at barbecues and family gatherings. Meanwhile, Patrick McCormack, Managing Director of Sam McCauley Chemists and Beauty stores, said their Wexford shops saw a 40% increase in sales of suncreams and after sun lotions, while anti-histamine tablets also saw a surge in sales as the warm weather continues and the pollen count rises.

'The warm weather is good for business because people feel better and spend more and there are alot of tourists around,' he said.

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