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Our attitude has a big impact on our life

A wonderful teacher of mine told me a number of years ago that I needed to learn to handle disappointment. This was great advice and I am reminded of it from time to time.

If you look at the milestones in the life of any successful person, they are good at dusting off and getting back on the saddle after so-called failure. Some people even say there is no such thing; there is only learning or success. This is a great way to view it. This attitude and way of looking at things helps us improve and be better. When we dismiss things as failure, we can often miss the learning which forms the rungs of the ladder to achievement and can even feel discouraged to try again.

They say it takes a child up to 4000 attempts to learn to sit up straight. As long as we are looking to grow or improve ourselves or do things we have not done before, we must realise that we will not do everything right first time. Learning to do new things and taking on new challenges prepares us for expansion and wider horizons.

Our attitude has a big impact on our day and our life. When you wake up, what you tell yourself about the day ahead has a big influence on how it will be for you.

If your attitude is good, you will have a good day. If your attitude is great, you will have a great day. If your attitude is otherwise, you will bring that about too.

Thought, word, action, habit, character, destiny. Our thoughts are the building blocks of our life and our underlying attitude informs our thoughts.

A good attitude will always find the good in things and make the best of things The opposite is also true.

The best time to look at your attitude is at the start of something….at the start of a day, at the start of a project, at the start of anything new in your life. Then as you reflect you can check your progress and also check your attitude.

A good attitude will give you a lot of latitude in life as it will give you a broad scope for enjoying life and everything it brings. It will ultimately bring gratitude as the right attitude will bring you even more things to be grateful for.

This week why not tune into your attitude and match it to the life you want to have. If you want to enjoy life, is your attitude joyful and what joy are you bringing to others? If you want to do good is your attitude tuned to that. Whatever you are looking for, your attitude has to be calibrated and tuned accordingly. Last week I spoke about reflection. Reflection is a great art and people who reflect well learn from what they do and through this learning are prepared to do better each day.

If you want to solve problems quickly, your attitude has to be willing to let go of things quickly and move on. Having a good attitude is a very effective habit. It delivers. When you wake up what attitude do you have ? Is today going to be great. Are you going to make the best of what the day brings? Reflect and decide what attitude will serve you best, adopt it and watch the results. Be prepared to keep your attitude right after things don't go the way you think they should.

Always remember, 'It is your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude' - (Zig Ziglar).

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