Wednesday 21 February 2018

Model mum Shauna hosts photo shoot

Wexford model and mother of two, Shauna Edwina Hurley, held a group modelling shoot at Slaney Castle last week despite having given birth to baby Dylan just two weeks earlier.

The dynamic beauty from Whitebrook, and her two-year-old son Darragh, are both signed up with modelling agent Andrea Roche, so with plenty of modelling experience and training behind her in commercial modelling, the local lass wanted to make the dream a more affordable reality for local hopefuls.

'I went to a group photo shoot in Dublin, which I had heard about through Facebook. Although they are really expensive to attend in the city, at around €125 to €150 per person, the whole event was an excellent way for models, photographers, and beautician to network and get work, so I wanted to bring an affordable version of that to the south east,' she said.

At the moment she has no definite plans to create a new business and is still testing the market.

After promoting the event on her Facebook page 'Irish Modelling Matters', she set up the shoot, with help from professional photographer Peter King from Loughlinstown.

Slaney Castle and grounds were dotted with some 25 models, with nine Wexford girls, and 23 professional photographers, as well as make-up artists and hairdressers.

The models were all preened and coiffed and for an entry fee of just €25 per person, each model went home with at least ten professional photographs

Proud partner, Darragh Waters, is delighted with Shauna Edwina's success, and supports her dreams of developing her business idea into something bigger.

For the immediate future, the tireless young mum is already looking for a venue for another group shoot near Wexford in about two months time.

'I didn't make any money out of the last event at all but that is all right because its early days yet and I am just testing the market, because I don't think this type of event was held in the South East before and people don't want or need the expense of driving up to Dublin for everything,' she said.

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