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Michelle O'Neill is an inspiration both on and off the field


Michelle O'Neill

Michelle O'Neill

Michelle O'Neill

I am excited to share some sports nutrition tips with you from Wexford's Michelle O'Neill. She is amazing, in 2015 Michelle made sporting history becoming the first Irish female referee ever selected to officiate at a FIFA Women's World Cup, which was held in Canada. Michelle has been selected again for this year's FIFA Women's World Cup which takes place in France this summer making her the only official to be selected for two Senior World Cups, which means she is now the most successful FAI Official.

Michelle has worked hard to achieve this, and her commitment has paid off, attaining the highest level in her sport. She is an inspiration.

Agility and coordination, sprint training, strength training, repeated speed ability, high Intensity sessions, active recovery, and injury prevention are some of the things Michelle does in training each week. I was exhausted just listing them.

On match days, during intense training, and especially aerobic workouts, Michelle uses Terra Nova Beetroot/Cordyceps for improved ATP and oxygen delivery. She sees a noticeable change at the end of these sessions when at max heart rate. It opens the airways allowing for better lung capacity to get those last few breaths required when you think you have no more to give. Terra Nova Beetroot/Cordyceps also supports oxygen delivery to the blood. It aids recovery time between sessions.

Between match days, during tournaments, or on flights, Michelle takes Oxylent. This is to replenish electrolytes and to rehydrate. It provides antioxidants, immune support, and supports energy.

Michelle uses Terra Nova Digestive Aid to improve digestion, bowel transit time, bloating, and to ensure that proteins are delivered to the muscles where they're needed after heavy lifting. She takes Chia Seeds added to warm water with some green tea added last thing at night. She says this is a fantastic source of fibre and great to keep things moving at the right time!

Michelle wants to inspire other young women to follow their dreams, as she says:

'Dreams do come true when you put your mind to it with hard work, dedication, a good support system, passion for the game and never giving up on reaching your goals.'

Congratulations Michelle and the best of luck in the World Cup.

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