Saturday 16 December 2017

Massive storm show keeps the county awake

Friday morning’s thunderstorm left many people without power
Friday morning’s thunderstorm left many people without power

COUNTY Wexford was lashed by a fierce thunder and lightning early last Friday, but appeared to have escaped any major damage.

Facebook entries said much of Wexford was left without power following the storm, and the ESB said it had reports of 600 customers without power in the Enniscorthy area.

Mary Murphy Hayes said it was unbelievable in Ballymurn: 'I never saw anything like it before. Seemed to be no gap between the flashes.

Jacqueline Grey, from Oylegate, said she was terrified: 'It sounded like gas explosions and the lightning was horrifying over heads here in Oylegate at 4.11 a.m. and did not abate until 5.08 a.m.'

Wexford Weather said there was an 'epic lightning show on the Wexford coast'.

'It was amazing to see! Never seen lightning like that,' said Sharon Doyle.

'That was awesome! Wrecked this morning coz I spent 20 minutes looking out of the window at 4.30 a.m.,' said Leonie Doyle.

'Torrential here in Courtown and a spectacular light show and even a few of those loud cracking thunders that sound like a cheap horror show,' said Kerrie Sharpe.

Lisa Doyle said the storm sounded like it was over her house in New Ross: 'It went on for ages but love it... may get a bigger bed for the dogs lol'.

Not everyone in Enniscorthy experienced it. 'Damn it, fell asleep... Oh well, was there any in Enniscorthy after?' said Jane Harris. 'There was loads in Enniscorthy... up half the night,' responded Orla Doyle.

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