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Make space for what you want in life


Having mental space has many benefits.

Having mental space has many benefits.

Having mental space has many benefits.

When you want new and better things in your life - it is important to make space for them.

I gave a talk to 90 people in a technology company in Dublin last year. One of the staff came up to me after the session to thank me. He told me he was meeting a lady later that evening and that the session helped him work out what to say.

I did not give any relationship advice. I gave the group tools to destress, and clear and focus their minds. This enabled him to create space in his mind and he worked out what to do without any effort.

Having mental space has many benefits. Like a parachute, the mind works best when it is open. We can work things out and make decisions more quickly. We can give our full attention to what we are doing and as a result, we are more productive. We complete what we set out to do more easily. We have clarity and understand what is important. We live life fully as our minds are free to engage in what we are doing in any given moment.

In the same way that it is hard to work effectively from a messy desk, we slow ourselves down when we have lots of thought files open at the same time. We further slow ourselves when burdened with more stuff than is helpful to carry. Multi-tasking is a myth. We can only focus on one thing at a time. When the mind is full, we become easily distracted by the mental clutter, creating unnecessary stress and wasting mental and emotional energy.

There are different kinds of clutter. Our space can be cluttered with stuff we don't love or use. Our schedule can be packed with activities and distractions that are not aligned with our goals, priorities and responsibilities. And our minds can be full of all sorts of things - limiting beliefs, regrets, the to-do list on repeat in your head, shoulds, anxiety, replaying past events and conversations, worry-or simply anything that is stopping us from being in the present moment.

Here are some indications you would benefit from letting go of what is slowing you down:

1. You are always busy and feel like you never have time

2. You are always busy but not getting the results you deserve.

3. You cannot find or remember things

4. You have difficulty completing things

5. Things stay on your to-do list longer than is helpful to you

6. Your confidence is not where you would like it to be

7. You feel fearful, worried or anxious

8. You are often apologising to others for dropping balls

9. You have repetitive unhelpful thoughts

10. You having difficulty sleeping because of overthinking.

If any of the above resonate, there are probably some things to let go of. Having space physically helps life flow better. We can find things more easily and are less stressed by daily life. We appreciate what we have when we only have what we love and use.

Mentally, having space enables us to focus and be more clear, happy, light and productive. Timewise, we have time to do what we want. And it almost feels as if time slows down when we are not busy-busy and have space to savor the moment. Clutter of all types slows and weighs us down. It is easy to be a busy fool. If we keep adding without letting go, we block our flow.

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