Sunday 16 December 2018

Lifeboat capsizes - but it's only a drill!

Volunteers taking part in the drill
Volunteers taking part in the drill

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Wexford RNLI volunteers are engaged in hard-core training in the harbour, to prepare them for dangerous situations in which their lifeboat could capsize.

The gruelling exercise involves deliberating over-turning a lifeboat and righting it again using their own body weight.

All 18 Wexford volunteers are undergoing the training which is continuing this week.

'All lifeboat crew must be competent in this training as rescues often take place in areas of heavy surf,' explained Lifeboat Operations Manager Nick Bowie.

As part of the exercise, a crew of three capsize the boat by using their weight to pull the vessel over.

They must then go underneath the upturned boat to retrieve red flares and a radio to enable them to make a mayday call.

The crew then have to climb on top of the capsized lifeboat and right the vessel, again using their weight to pull it over.

Once back inside the boat , they must try to restart the engine after it has been submerged in water.

'Our lifeboat crews train in rescue techniques but of primary importance is the training in personal safety,' said Nick.

'Keeping our crew safe so they can perform the task ahead is our main goal.'

A relief lifeboat is being used for the training exercises.

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