Tuesday 24 October 2017

Large scale art expo at County Hall

An art exhibition of large scale drawings by contemporary Cork artist, Stephen Brandes, was launched at the Wexford County Hall, last Friday.

Curator of the exhibition, Deirdre Southey, said that the County Council is using the street-like interior of its new buildings in Carrriglawn, as a venue for large-scale contemporary art.

Councillor Oliver Walsh who with Deirdre launched the exhibition, said culture and entertainment are important part of a functioning society.

'The Wexford County Council is committed to providing an arts service which aspires to ensure that every member of society has an opportunity to participate in and gain access to high quality cultural programs in County Wexford,' he said.

The exhibition consists of six large scale drawings on floor vinyl all of which converge to tell a story of an alternative reality charged with imagination and comic satire.

The exhibition can be viewed every Monday to Friday, through to September 2014. For information contact Wexford County Council on 0.53 919 6000 or email

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