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Jurassic World is a real Lego treat


The LEGO series of video games have perennially followed a very tried-and-tested formula, so it's no surprise that the latest instalment - LEGO Jurassic World - is no exception - with a handful of caveats.

For a 'movie game' cash-in, its surprisingly feature-packed. Anything in the world that's made out of LEGO bricks can be broken into studs to be spent on bonuses or rebuilt within the environment to further your progress in the vibrant environment. Unlike other variations of the LEGO formula, the character skillsets are a tad more subdued. Paleontologists can dig and hunters can set off targets from afar. It's a very well-balanced system that has added a little spice to the identikit superpower combinations that have plagued previous iterations of the LEGO series.

What sets LEGO Jurassic Park apart from the likes of the LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Batman titles is the fact that it feels far less combat-centric in its gameplay. Considering how its movie counterpart was more about avoiding the dinosaurs as opposed to fighting them, it feels fitting that the game appears to follow suit. This makes the few fights that do come to pass feel all the more meaningful.

Which leads on to the dinosaurs. They are the best addition to a LEGO game in quite a while. Unlocked by finding the chunk of LEGO amber in each level. Each dino type is more terrible and awesome than the last, and each comes with their own spectacular abilties.

You never get very long with them in story mode, unfortunately, and this somewhat hampers the game's ability to set itself apart from others that have featured in the laundry list of games on the LEGO roster.

For anyone with even a passing affinity for the LEGO games, LEGO Jurassic Park will be an asbolute treat. Sure, it's a retread of some very well-trodden ground, but you can't really expect anything more from the popular series. A solid recommendation.


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